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Welcome to Moonshine Brewery

Moonshine Brewery has been established for over 10 years in the Cambridge area. In that time we have won numerous national and regional awards. Our beers are characterised by their clean, fresh taste which is thanks in no small part to the natural spring water that is used to make them.

The beers are available from several regular outlets in Cambridge, including free houses and shops and in addition we are pleased to supply many beer festivals throughout the season.  As well as supplying cask beer to the trade, beers are also available in 500ml or 330ml bottles through selected outlets around Cambridge, and in 36 pint 'bag in a box' containers directly from the brewery. 

Thirteen Moons of 2015

Last year we brewed thirteen one-off special edition beers to mark each of the 13 new moons and it's not too late to find some of these beers: from the cask in some of our selected outlets, by the bottle, or at one of the many beer festivals which serve our beers.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed for more news and updates during 2016

Beer For Special Occasions During 2016

We're often asked if we can supply cask beer for weddings, parties and special occasions. The good news is that we can supply 76-pint casks or 36-pint bag-in-a-box containers of bright beer which is ready to serve without the need to allow them to settle. We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to taste our beers at the brewery before you decide which one you'd like to order. Please contact us to arrange.

Please contact us by email or telephone if you'd like any further information about our brewery or any of our beers.


Moonshine Brewery